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Crosby-Ironton School District Wellness Contacts:

Hanna Bushard,
Registered Nurse,

Licensed School Nurse

Phone: (218)545-8851 ext. 2623
Email: hbushard@ci.k12.mn.us


Raye Cragun,
Licensed Practical Nurse

Phone: (218)545-8823
Email: rcragun@ci.k12.mn.us


Scott Skinner,
Food Service Director

Phone: (218)545-8824
Email: sskinner@ci.k12.mn.us


Dale Sova,
Community Education Director

Phone: (218)545-8822
Email: dsova@ci.k12.mn.us






The Crosby-Ironton School District has made a commitment to fostering an academic community built around health and wellness.We understand that the academic success of our students is strongly linked with their health, and recognize that schools play a critical role in establishing behaviors and promoting choices that affect their lifelong health, wellness, and safety.  Scientific reviews have shown that school health programs can have positive effects on educational outcomes, as well as health-risk behaviors and health outcomes. We encourage participation from all parents, staff, and students to help us achieve this goal.

An Open Invitation



If you have any suggestions, or are willing to volunteer your skills or time for future Health and Wellness activities please contact one of the member listed on the right side of this page.



What is the Local Wellness Policy?

The school district wellness policy is #533 adopted by the Crosby-Ironton School Board (click to view).

Education Resources

Click on website links to find more information on educational resources on wellness.


Health, Safety and Nutrition Educational Websites


Dietary Guidelines from Health.Gov

click on link to view


Keeping Kids Safe in Cyberspace

click on link to view


Sleep for Kids Website

click on link to view


Kids Health Website

click on link to view


Choose My Plate Website

click on link to view


Nutrition Cafe' Website

click on link to view



Nutrition is an important part of you and your childs health and wellness.

The nutrition information provided above will help guide you.

March is National Nutrition Month.

Each March the Crosby-Ironton School District celebrates by having fun activities with prizes for student's who wish to participate. This is a great time to promote healthy eating habits.




Monthly wellness activities provided by the school district to encourage healthy living.

CIHS promotes physical activity for our students by making a gym available for students after lunch. Students participate in activities such as: Shooting baskets, running relays, dodge ball, walking and games like "spider". Wellness facts and trivia are also part of these activities.



The annual review of the Wellness Committee's accomplishments and projects will be posted on this webpage in December.


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