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We also have a fully functioning automobile shop with up-to-date equipment that compares with today's standard garages, and a metal/woodworking facility equipped with the latest tools, because some lessons are best learned through hands-on experience.


Technology in Education

Preparing for the future. It's what going to school is all about. That's why Crosby-Ironton schools put so much emphasis on technology. The rapid and constant change of pace in technology is creating a world of opportunities for young people, and we are embracing those opportunities, preparing our students for what lies ahead.

At Crosby-Ironton High School we adopted 1-1 Chromebook, providing each student in our building with a personal learning device.  

DownloadC-I Technology Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) &

Permission Form

DownloadC-I Chromebook Replacement Part Fees List

Download2016-18 C-I School District Technology Plan

DownloadLow Cost Internet Option for Students at Home


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