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Ordering Yearbooks:

Orders and payment are due: Thursday, March 22nd, 2018.

Order forms can be found in the Crosby-Ironton main office.You may also order yearbooks online through your “Payschools” account. You can find this link under the “activities” tab on the Crosby-Ironton website. Yearbooks will be distributed Tuesday, May 15, 2018 for the senior class and Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 for 11th - 7th grade classes.  


Download2017-18 Yearbook Senior Letter

Download2017-18 Senior Quote Guidelines

Download2017-18 Yearbook Order Form

Senior Yearbook Portraits:

The deadline for senior photos is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH, 2016.

We have a set policy regarding the submission of senior pictures:

  • Appropriate attire is expected (NO hats, weapons, sunglasses, etc.)
  • Digital image is preferred (it provides the best results)
    • 600 x 800 pixels and a minimum of 300DPI (dots per image) is recommended
    • Note: Picture with a “soft focus” may appear blurred upon reproduction
    • An image with low resolution or of poor quality will not be accepted
    • 10 MB is too large of a file and cannot be used
  • Your portrait must be a shot from the waist up; no full body photos
  • Do not include props
  • The yearbook staff reserves the right to request another photo if the initial photo does meet the above guidelines.

Senior Portrait Submissions:

  • Either you or the photographer may email the yearbook advisers with a digital copy of the photo.
    • In the subject line of the email, please have your student's name (first and last) along with senior photo. (Example: Jane Smith's Senior Photo).
    • If you need to submit a hard copy, the submission needs to be dropped off in the main office with your student’s first and last name labeled on the back.
  • Whoever submits the senior portrait (student, photographer, or parent) will receive a confirmation email.  If a confirmation email is not received within 24 hours of submission (not including weekends), the yearbook advisers have not received your photo!
    • If a parent does not submit the photo but would like a confirmation email, please contact the yearbook staff at: yearbook@ci.k12.mn.us. 

Senior Baby Pictures:

If you wish, you may submit a photo of your senior from when he or she was a baby. Along with these photos, you should include a message to your senior on the order form.

Deadline for baby photo submission is Thurdsday, November 9th, 2017

  • If we do not receive all four components (photo, order form, message on the form, and payment) by this date, your submission will not be included in the yearbook.

Message to Your Senior

  • The message MUST be written on the order form, not via email or another piece of paper. The yearbook advisers will not include messages that are not written on the order form. Extra order forms will be available in the main office.
  • The message should be no more than 60 words. If too long, the message may be modified by the yearbook staff to fit within the limitations.

Baby Photo Submission

  • Please keep all documents (photo, order form, message on the form, and payment) together and labeled with your child’s first and last name.
  • Your student's name should be on the back of the photo.
  • Your photo will be returned to the student via the main office. If you would like to keep this message a surprise for your senior, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Baby photos of your senior are optional. Because of the time and the effort that goes into putting these photos into the yearbook, there is an additional cost of $5.00.

Seniors have the option of including a senior quote for the yearbook. Quotes are due by November 9th. Forms and guidelines will be emailed out to the class of 2018 and available in the main office.
  • Quotes need to be 100 characters (including spaces) or fewer
  • No inappropriate language, references, or shout-outs to other students or teachers
  • No social media account links
  • All quotes will be reviewed by yearbook staff and school administration. If quotes are found to be inappropriate, they will not be published

If you have further questions, please contact:

Jackie Larson and Katherine Thoennes

Email: yearbook@ci.k12.mn.us

Phone: 218-545-8800

ext. 6814 (Jackie Larson)

ext. 6838 (Katherine Thoennes)


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