Below is a compilation of calendars for Crosby-Ironton School District events and facilities. It includes concerts, school board meetings, and a variety of other school-sponsored functions as well as spaces that have been reserved by external/community groups.

It also includes athletic events and extracurricular activities. Note: rehearsals and practices are subject to change, based on weather and extenuating circumstances. (Please check with your coaches/advisors if you are unsure.)

All district-wide events (such as early dismissals, quarter/semester dates, etc.) are also listed in the calendar below. A PDF of these board-approved dates can also be downloaded here:  2019-2020 district-wide calendar  (revised January 2019). The High School also mails a printed calendar/handbook to each student every year. An electronic version can be downloaded here.  

If you would like to reserve a room or gym please review the Facility Use instructions

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