New School Resource Officer

New School Resource Officer
Posted on 09/20/2018
Junior and Senior High students will be seeing a new face around this year... Chase Reed has joined the school as a School Resource Officer (SRO). Although he is still in training for a few weeks, he'll be spending more and more time in the buildings. 

According to the National Association of School Resource Officers the following benefits have been reported from schools that have a SRO:  
- Prevention or minimization of property damage in the school and surrounding areas.
- Prevention of student injuries and even death due to violence, drug overdoses, etc.
- Reduction of the need for schools to call 911.
- Reduction of the likelihood that a student will get a criminal record.
- Increase of the likelihood that students (particularly those with mental health issues) will get the help they need from the social service and health care systems.
- Increase in feelings of safety among students and staff.

For more information about SROs and their role in schools visit the NASRO website.

Welcome, Officer Reed!