At Cuyuna Range Elementary School, our academics are aligned with Minnesota State Standards for each grade level. We participate in the "Multi-Tier System and Support", which students are provided 30 minutes a day to work on "What I Need" (WIN).

WIN is a tiered system that allows Cuyuna Range Elementary School staff to best meet the needs of individual students by targeting skills, strategies or project-based learning to achieve academic success.

In 2014 Cuyuna Range Elementary adopted the "Balanced Literacy" model of instruction. Our reading data almost doubled in one year of implementation! In fall of 2016 we adopted a similar instructional model for mathematics.

In fall of 2015 we adopted student-driven programming in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) resulting in a STEAM Expo for each grade level. This adoption lead to the inclusion of "maker spaces" and an extended school day learning model with our "Bright Futures" programs.

Cuyuna Range Elementary School report cards also reflect the Minnesota State Standards of achievement. Students are tested for mastery on specific learning benchmarks. Teachers report on each child's achievement level quarterly and describe what areas still need work to achieve mastery. The grading system had been adjusted in the 2016-2017 school year and continues.

CRES Grading System
Grades K-3
  • E = 90-100% (Excellent)
  • S+ = 80-89% (Highly Satisfactory)
  • S = 70-79% (Satisfactory)
  • N = 69% and lower (Needs Improvement)
Grades 4-6
  • A+ = 97-100%
  • A = 93-96%
  • A- = 90-92%
  • B+ = 87-89%
  • B = 83-86%
  • B- = 80-82%
  • C+ = 77-79%
  • C = 73-76%
  • C- = 70-72%
  • D+ = 67-69%
  • D = 63-66%
  • D- = 60-62%
  • F = 59% and lower
Music, Physical Education, Tech and Innovation, and Citizenship
  • E = Excellent
  • S = Satisfactory
  • N = Needs Improvement
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