In the Crosby-Ironton School District, teaching children is a privilege we value. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to educate your children.

We are fortunate to have extremely gifted educators and involved parents to help teach our children. With your help and involvement, our students will be able to effectively complete all academic challenges laid before them. We believe well-informed parents will be empowered and more involved with their children's learning. So please, take the time to find out what our schools can offer you and your child.

As elected leaders, we welcome your input. It is an honor to serve as the governing body of such a distinguished and accomplished school district. We are very proud of our students' accomplishments and we will reach even higher achievements in the future.

The Crosby-Ironton School Board

Name Year Elected Town of Residence Phone Number Email
Kim Coughlin 
Elected in 2020 Deerwood, MN 218-838-8415
(best time to call: no preference
Jill Decent Elected in 2019 Crosby, MN 218/851-2998
(best time to call: no preference)
Mike Domin  Elected in 1999 Deerwood, MN 218-838-4545
(best time to call: Monday through Thursday)
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Joe Dwyer  Elected in 2016 Ironton, MN 218-232-0347
(best time to call: no preference)
Abby Geotz  Elected in 2012 Crosby, MN 218-839-2058
(best time to call: no preference)
Barb Neprud Elected in 2007 Crosby, MN 218-546-8213
(best time to call: 9am-7pm, Sunday through Thursday)