Crosby-Ironton's Community Education program provides ongoing learning opportunities for all ages. Whether it's through athletic, academic or art programming, Community Education classes promote the development and enhancement of life skills, enhancing our communities and the people who live here.

To register for a class or activity that is sponsored by Community Ed, use our online registration system or fill out the registration form in the printed brochure. 

If you have a special gift, talent or expertise, we encourage you to share them with fellow community members by teaching a Community Education class. Community Education also manages our facility use requests and early childhood programs.

If you have attended a class or event, please fill out our post-activity survey!

If you have ideas or talent to share or have any questions about Community Education programming, please contact:

Pete Vukelich, Community Education Coordinator

Advisory Council

The Community Education Advisory Council represents the citizens of District 182. The Advisory Council meets on a regular basis to help identify, coordinate, and evaluate the education, recreational, social, and cultural opportunities for district residents of all ages.

Members of the Advisory Council welcome your ideas and suggestions. Listed below are your District 182 Community Education Advisory Council Members.

  • Denny Davis
  • Jennifer Podsiadly
  • Christina Landree
  • Michelle LeMieur
  • Bailey Swensen
  • Jill Decent
  • Becky Pakarinen
  • Karen Swanhorst

If you are interested in joining the ISD 182 Community Ed Advisory Council contact:

Pete Vukelich, Community Education Coordinator