Thank you for considering our school to further your child's education! We are excited for the opportunity to further your child's education.

Cuyuna Range Elementary School will house 880 students when filled to capacity. Each classroom contains a cross-section of students representing various achievement levels. The primary grades are self-contained for most of their subjects. The intermediate grades may be self-contained, or pupils may have a different instructor for some subject areas. Whichever arrangement is used, instruction is geared to the level most appropriate for each student.

Specialists teach art, vocal music, instrumental music, technology & innovation, and physical education. Programming is available for the student identified as having high academic potential. Support services are available for students identified as having a need in areas such as speech, health, physical movement, academics, behavior, daily living skills and/or counseling.

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If you have questions regarding enrollment please contact: 

Kurt Becker, CRES Principal