If possible, medication should be given outside school hours under parent/guardian supervision. This includes short-term antibiotics ordered for two and three times daily.

All prescriptions (short and longer-term) and over-the-counter medication require an order by a licensed prescriber and a signed authorization from a student’s parent/guardian BEFORE any medication will be administered to a student. A new order is required any time there is a change.

All medication must be in the original container and be clearly marked with the student’s name, the medication name, the dosage to be given and the method of administration. Prescription medication must also include the physician and the pharmacy name. Medication will only be given in a manner consistent with the instructions on the label or a more recent order from a Licensed Prescriber.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to deliver all medications personally to the health office. If this cannot be done, arrangements must be made with the nurse to find an acceptable means of delivery to the school. For safety reasons, it is not acceptable for students to deliver medications to the health office.

For All Students: Medication Administration Form - this form is required for all medications administered at CRES and all prescription medications administered at the high school.

NEW for 2019-2020 School Year:

The Health Office staff with no longer have a stock of Tylenol or Ibuprofen available for students starting this school year. Students can self-carry these medications with proper documentation (see below) or a student can bring in their own personal bottle to be kept in the health office.

For High School Student Only:

Student’s may self-carry inhalers or epi-pens with a physician’s order on file in the health office. Student may also self-carry over-the-counter pain relievers with parent/guardian approval.