There are a variety of resources available to help ensure that your student and family have a successful experience at C-I. Below are links to recommended documents and websites that can assist you/your child. As always, be sure to check with your student's teacher regarding resources that are specific to their class and curriculum!

Elementary Level

Cuyuna Range Elementary School's classrooms include the use of iPads and Chromebooks. These technologies are supplemented with fantastic teaching aids, such as Schoology.

What resources can be extended to your home?

One of the more notable teaching aids is IXL, an online supplemental math program that allows students to log in to their personal account in school or at home. The lessons are structured by grade level and sub categories and promote practicing math skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Another program frequently used by CRES students is Accelerated Reader, which allows them to get credit for reading outside the classroom. After finishing a book, students take a short quiz online and teachers can check the status of each student's at-home reading. 

Starfall is a great website for "beginner readers". When every word is tapped or clicked it is read aloud, enabling your child's speaking, reading, and writing vocabulary to grow alongside his or her curiosity. We recommend that you occasionally sit down with your child and use the website together. Encourage your child to share what he or she has learned.

Our library is part of the North Star Library Consortium, where every book and media is cataloged and part of a searchable online database. Not only can you search by keyword, title, or author but you can browse suggested materials based on your student's grade level and interests. 

JR/SR High Level

Seventh through 12th grade can be a time of big transitions and changes - for both parents and their children. We've compiled a few resources to help as your young adult experiences some major milestones.