Through the use of the latest technology and educational equipment, we believe it is essential to engage students in their learning as they prepare for the future.

At Cuyuna Range Elementary School we enhance learning, from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade. Our students gain the technical skills, knowledge, processes and critical thinking skills needed to become capable problem-solvers and creative thinkers. This integration of technology into our regular curriculum enhances our students' learning abilities.

We have adopted the model of classroom sets of iPads for grades K-3. We provide Chromebooks for our students in grades 4-5 for class use. Sixth graders are allowed to bring their Chromebooks home to continue their learning. Teachers use these invaluable tools to support Science, Math, Reading and Writing lessons - engaging our students to deeper learning.

Our District's Technology Department's website has more great information and tips on using Chromebooks, Google systems, and much more! 

Technology Resources