Preparing for the future. It's what going to school is all about. That's why Crosby-Ironton schools put so much emphasis on technology. The rapid and constant change of pace in technology is creating a world of opportunities for young people, and we are embracing those opportunities, preparing our students for what lies ahead.

Not only will you see our staff using technology in unique and creative ways, at Crosby-Ironton High School we adopted a 1-to-1 Chromebook strategy so that each student in our building has a personal learning device.

Be sure to review our technology policies and guidelines including:

In addition to the daily use of Chromebooks and hand-held technology, we also have an active Robotics Club and a fully functioning automobile shop. The shop features up-to-date equipment that compares with today's standard garages, and a metal/woodworking facility equipped with the latest tools, because some lessons are best learned through hands-on experience!

Our Technology Department's website has more great information and tips on using Chromebooks, Google systems, and much more!

If you have any questions regarding technology, contact:

Carmen Zahn, Technology Coordinator