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Crosby-Ironton Independent School District # 182.
711 Poplar Street, Crosby, MN 56441. Phone: (218) 545-8800      Fax: (218) 545-8836

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Welcome to our schools!

We, Independent School District #182, are dedicated to preparing students for lifelong success. Crosby-Ironton faculty and staff work hard to cultivate an environment where students embrace growth.

Our schools, Cuyuna Range Elementary School (CRES) and Crosby-Ironton High School, are located in the Cuyuna Range, about two hours north of Minneapolis. Our first-rate teachers offer excellence in education from early childhood through high school graduation. A safe and caring environment, Crosby-Ironton offers a small setting so individual students get the attention they deserve.

Here in the Crosby-Ironton District we sustain a balance between first-rate academics, with cutting-edge technology, and outstanding extra-curricular activities. That balance supports our vision of career and college readiness for each and every student. 

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Cuyuna Range Elementary School Monthly Informer (Newsletter)


Crosby-Ironton School's 2017-2018 Course Registration Guide

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The Public is Invited to Join Us for a Presentation on Africa by Charlene Saley

The public is welcome to join us on Friday, December 22 from 10:00 - 10:55 am in the MayBerry Auditorium (CIHS) for a presentation about life and education in Africa. Crosby-Ironton teacher, Charlene Saley recently returned from her adventure to Africa.  She will show slides and talk about the trip. Come and Join us for this exciting presentation


Join Us at the Cuyuna Range Youth Center to Explore Key

Issues of Today's Youth

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2017-2018 School Year

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 DownloadCrosby-Ironton School District Strategic Plan 

2020 Vision

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DownloadIntroducing the Four C's at the Crosby-Ironton School District

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District Office
711 Poplar Street - Crosby, MN 56441            Phone: (218) 545-8801
         Fax: (218) 545-8836                                Email: jskjeveland@ci.k12.mn.us


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