Cuyuna Range Elementary School offers many accommodations for students with special needs through Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). CRES offers a complete Special Education program, including Developmental Cognitive Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Speech, Occupational/Physical Therapy, and Early Childhood Special Education classrooms and staff. We utilize a "School-Wide Title 1" status, allowing our federally funded Title 1 program to serve every student based on academic need.

Students who have a disability may qualify for Developmentally Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) services, which adapt physical activities to the individual and work toward growth in all motor areas. Students learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and lifetime activity skills. Through DAPE our special needs students are able to compete in the Special Olympics.

CRES is also a Schoolwide Title 1 school, offering math and reading intervention to students who are at risk of falling behind. We utilize a WIN (What I Need) framework and the PRESS model for reading intervention in grades K-4. This model uses student-achievement data to identify students' needs, and then students are grouped based on those needs to receive intensive, small-group instruction.

Title 1 math intervention is delivered in addition to core math instruction time for grades K-3. Our Title 1 teachers use the Add+Vantage (AVMR) model to deliver small-group math instruction to help students develop their math basic skills.

Our Title 1 program has a Family Advisory Council, made up of staff members and community members. The FAC meets at least three times per year. The CRES Family engagement plan, which is developed each year by the FAC, can be found at this link