Homecoming kicks off this week starting tomorrow, September 27-October 1. Here is a reminder of the dress-up days for the week!
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2021 homecoming dress up days
AFTT Fun Fact of the Day #2...
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aftt fun fact 2
For the coming days you can enjoy a fun fact about Academic Family Teacher Team (AFTT) at CRES. Here is the fun fact of the day...
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aftt fun fact 1
Haley Reinhart-10th, Arenda Fuller-7th, Shailee Gordon-10th, and Isabelle Thompson-8th all show off their still-life drawings in Mr. Otterstad's art classes.
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female with still-life drawing
female with short hair with still-life drawing
female with colorful still-life drawing
female with purple hair with still life drawing
Mrs. Domben’s class went on a field trip to Soo Line Museum. They learned about the history of our area and saw many historical items.
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group photo
student inside Project Manhigh
old mining photos and hard hat
A little friendly competition between Mr. Tesdahl and his class! I wonder who won?
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male teacher and his class
Mr. Syrstad’s Outdoor Sports and Rec class enjoyed the great weather, while playing frisbee golf, at the course in Ironton.
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student throwing a frisbee
student throwing a frisbee
Mr. Dirk's 7th graders participated in a "Measurement Escape Room" activity. His 11/12th grade "Space Science" class calculated and created 45 meter long scale models of the solar system. #Scienceiscool
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3 female students holding signs
3 male students holding a sign
students off in the distance
male student writing on paper in a hallway
ECFE Fabulous Friday's are back, starting in October. Sign up today to get registered!
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ECFE classes
Crosby-Ironton School's are 1 of 2 schools, in the area, that were chosen to be a part of Sprout, farm to school produce! Sprout is a nonprofit food hub located in the Brainerd Lakes area focused on strengthening the local food system in central Minnesota. They connect growers, eaters, creatives and economic developers to increase healthy food access, encourage entrepreneurship, and cultivate creativity.
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Mr. Skinner cutting veggies
Mr. Skinner giving a demonstration
tomatoes, squash
Mrs. Strom stopped by to get in on a game of Uno with a couple of students in Ms. Anderson's class! I wonder who won?!
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two staff and two students playing UNO
Mrs. Stangel's class was busy collaborating to attempt their first ever STEM challenge! They built apple trees and counted how many apples they could get to balance.
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3 students building blocks
2 students building blocks
2 students bulding blocks!
multiple students building blocks
Mrs. Horner's science classes worked on a measurement lab in the new science space in the 5th grade pod!
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male and females doing a science experiment
2 males and 1 female at desks
1 male and 2 females working together
a full class in a classroom
Mrs. Domben's 4th graders are excited to be using the new science lab at CRES. They are designing paper helicopters to analyze how the force of the blades will affect travel.
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4th grade class in science
In FACS 7, students are starting off the year playing the game of LIFE! This will introduce students to career exploration, finances, and development of families!
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3 male students playing a game
3 male and 2 female students playing a game
4 female and 1 male playing Life
2 male and 2 female students playing life
September 12 is Grandparents Day! If you're raising a grandchild, see if you qualify for advance payments of the 2021 #ChildTaxCredit from #IRS: www.irs.gov/childtaxcredit2021
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grandpa with a child on shoulders IRS
Remembering 20 years later…9/11. CRES students wore red, white and blue in honor of those who have fallen.
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patriot day at CRES
CRES welcomed the class of 2034 into the building yesterday. Looks like they are ready to take on the world!
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kindergarten class
kindergarten class
kindergarten class
Senora Dietz is excited to share details about the upcoming trip to Panamá! All students in grades 9-12 are eligible to travel (they need not be in Spanish class, although that is obviously preferred). We will be going in June of 2023. Please join Senora Dietz for an informational meeting, Monday, September 20th. Get details about how to enroll at this meeting. Use the link below to RSVP. If you are unable to attend there is a link to request materials in this RSVP as well. Feel free to forward this link on to other eligible students who may be interested and invite them to our meeting! https://bit.ly/38Ri1dM
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Patriot Day is September 11. To honor this day, CRES students may dress in red, white and blue on Friday, September 10!
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Patriot Day 9/11