Congratulations to, Jackie Stevens, Queen of the Kitchen, who celebrated her last day at CRES! Thank you for your many years of service at Crosby-Ironton. Our students and staff will miss you. Best wishes to you on your retirement, Jackie!
2 days ago, Devan Bartels
jackie stevens with a big smile
C-I's students are at it again! Mr. Otterstad's art students have been busy working on clay art, acrylic painting, and creative crafts. Keep up the great work!
2 days ago, Devan Bartels
male holding his art
male holding  USA flag with tree art
male holding dinosaur clay art
female holding elephant clay art
Alex won a free mini pizza from Rafferty's for reading 600 minutes in the last week! Congratulations!
3 days ago, Devan Bartels
male student with a gift certificate
These amazing people serve our students more than just food; they serve kindness, smiles and thoughtfulness as well. They fuel our students so they can focus on learning, and being kids!
3 days ago, Devan Bartels
ladies behind the food
two ladies behind the buffet
female standing near computer
mr skinner waving
There will be a junior high dance on Friday, December 10, in the high school commons. See the flyer for more details!
6 days ago, Devan Bartels
junior high dance
Mrs. Stangel's class worked on measuring and counting in math, while making and connecting paper chains to decorate the community Christmas tree! 🎄
9 days ago, Devan Bartels
students by a fake fire place holding up paper chains
The students in Ms. Pribyl’s kindergarten class enjoyed making “ friendship fruit salad"!
10 days ago, Devan Bartels
students sitting in a circle eating food
Be Kind, Be Thoughtful, Be Thankful!
10 days ago, Devan Bartels
Happy Thanksgiving
CRES band students have been practicing their lesson books certain songs that test their skills. Mrs. Hoffman assigns karate belts to some of those songs. If the student can master that song they get a belt and can progress 😊 There are 9 belts in total for the entire book! Congratulations, Aza, on your white belt!
11 days ago, Devan Bartels
female student holding her clarinet
Our C-I Student Council is sponsoring the Toys for Tots Drive! Please donate if you can. See the flyer for details!
12 days ago, Devan Bartels
toys for tots flyer
We can't believe the response and the amount of shares of our recent post from Ms. Anderson's class!! Ms. Anderson's students enjoyed highlighting the states from around the U.S. Not only did we have many U.S states, we had multiple countries! Our post reached China, Finland, Thailand, Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. AMAZING!
12 days ago, Devan Bartels
map colored in of the united states
Our Unified Special Olympics program participated in Unified Bowling Invitational at Jack’s House!
13 days ago, Devan Bartels
multiple students  in maroon and white  at a bowling alley
From recycled art to hand pattern art, Mr. Otterstad's students have it all! Keep up the good work!
13 days ago, Devan Bartels
male student holding hand art
two male students with recycled art
Operation Sandwich Thanksgiving Break Distribution, happening Monday, November 22, in Pine River. See the flyer below for details!
16 days ago, Devan Bartels
operation sandwich
On Tuesday, the National Honor Society honored last year's seven inductees as well as inducted eight new members into their organization. The ceremony was led by NHS president, Caleb Armbrust. Congratulations to the new members!
16 days ago, Devan Bartels
national honor society table with candle
students raising their hands
multiple students sitting down
one mail and 7 female students
Conceptual Physics students are at it again! They investigated friction by shuffling two Post-It pads together and hanging masses from them. The friction between the individual pads was enough to support 230 pounds. There is nothing holding the weights or the students up other than the force of friction between the Post-It notes!
17 days ago, Devan Bartels
weights in a bucket
person in red sweatshirt hanging
male student hanging post-its
student hanging from weights
Mrs. Jensen's 1st graders are taking a closer look at how the color of a celery stock changes with food coloring!
19 days ago, Devan Bartels
students holding magnifying glasses
students looking at a plant with magnifying glasses
students looking through a magnifying glass at celery
students zoomed into a celery stock
SALT students volunteered at the Sharing Bread soup kitchen on November 9th. C- I is proud to have such a great group of students dedicating their time to helping others!
19 days ago, Devan Bartels
students wearing hats in a kitchen
College in the Schools (CIS) Intro to Literature students picked poems to analyze and teach to the class.
23 days ago, Devan Bartels
students holding posters that they made
Mr. Dirks met his Space Science class at Miner's Mountain, last Thursday night, for star and planet gazing. Thank you to student, Trevor Foye, for sharing these beautiful photos!
23 days ago, Devan Bartels
student standing among the stars
tree in the darkness with stars
stars in the night sky
stars in the night sky with a pointer