Mrs. Roubinek's second grade class was busy discovering items with their hands and making observations. They explored a beehive and a large amethyst rock. These students also finished their individual puzzle piece craft to show how different we all are, but when put together as a whole, can create an amazing classroom and masterpiece!
13 days ago, Devan Bartels
puzzle piece quilt
exploring a beehive
Students in Mr. Dirks 7th Grade Science class, helped Harry the Marshmallow build towers, using only note cards! How high up do you think Harry made it?
14 days ago, Devan Bartels
students standing near tables building towers
female student standing next to a tower of notecards
female student standing on a stool
3rd graders in Ms. Mumm's class used problem solving and collaboration to โ€œsaveโ€ Fred the gummy worm! Students had to team up and use only paper clips to get a life saver gummy from underneath the solo cup and put Fred the gummy worm through his life preserver! This was lots of fun โ€ฆ and a yummy treat! #teamwork #gocigo
14 days ago, Devan Bartels
two male students holding a gummy worm and a lifesaver
two students with a gummy worm and a paper clip and cup
students holding a lifesaver a gummy worm and paperclips
two students at desks working with paper clips and a gummy worm
students at a desk with a red cup
student cheering
two students working together with a red cup and a lifesaver
Who loves to read? Who loves to read in the dark? ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธMrs. Duhn's class does especially when they get to read in the dark with a flashlight! ๐Ÿ”ฆ
15 days ago, Devan Bartels
two students under desks reading with flashlights
three students reading books with flashlights
a boy and girl reading with flashlights
two students with flashlights reading
three students sitting in lockers with flashlights
students sitting in lockers reading with flashlights
Who loves to travel? Here is your chance...We're going to Ecuador in June, 2025! Come learn more on Monday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m. in room 314. This is open to ALL 9-12th grade students. Here's a link to learn more, Photo credit Explorica Media
15 days ago, Devan Bartels
photo from explorica media
Picture Day for 7-12th grade will take place on Thursday, September 14!
16 days ago, Devan Bartels
picture day at the HS
Science class outdoors?๐ŸŒณ It doesn't get much better! Mrs. Domben's 4th grade science classes took advantage of the new trails and outdoor learning space at CRES.
19 days ago, Devan Bartels
students on a walking trail
students on a walking trail smiling
students sitting on benches outside
students on the trail behind CRES
First graders have been having a great first week of school! ๐Ÿ˜Š
19 days ago, Devan Bartels
three females outside
students in groups working on projects
multiple photos of students doing differnt things
6th graders were busy in math yesterday racing to find the numbers 1-100 before the other groups, all while practicing working successfully with their classmates! Teamwork at its finest.
20 days ago, Devan Bartels
students at a whiteboard
students at a white board and cupboards
students at a whiteboard near a window
students at a whiteboard near cabinets
students standing near a white board
groups of students at a white board
Huge shout-out to Pine River State Bank of Emily for the very generous donation of school supplies! We are truly grateful for our community!๐Ÿ˜
20 days ago, Devan Bartels
teppi and school supplies
Mrs. Fortโ€™s class ended their first day of school with an outdoor scavenger hunt! Students practiced working together with a partner during this activity.
21 days ago, Devan Bartels
two male students holding up green clipboards
two male students walking with clipboards
three male students posing with clipboards
two female students working together
one female student working on a clipboard
two male students holding a clipboard
Ranger Run starts September 11th and kicks -off with a COLOR RUN! Ranger Run will take place Mondays at the CRES playground beginning at 6:00pm. All kids in grades Pre-K through 6th are invited. There will be three heats based on grade level. There is no fee for Ranger Run and no pre-registration. Come on out, run and have fun!
21 days ago, Devan Bartels
cross country
Thank you, Graphic Packaging, for the very generous donation of school supplies to both the high school and elementary school! We are so grateful for our community. #GOCIGO
23 days ago, Devan Bartels
school supplies and 3 adults
Have a safe and Happy Labor Day! We can't wait to see our students and staff tomorrow at the 1st Day of School๐Ÿ˜Š
23 days ago, Devan Bartels
Let's all welcome Mr. Andrew Moore to C-I!
26 days ago, Devan Bartels
Mr. Andrew moore
Come and be a part of a great team at Crosby-Ironton Schools!
27 days ago, Devan Bartels
job openings
Let's all give a warm C-I welcome to, Mrs. Amanda Reyes!
28 days ago, Devan Bartels
mrs. amanda reyes
REMINDER to CRES Families: Please bring your children's school supplies to Back to School Night at CRES, Wednesday, August 30. See you there!
29 days ago, Devan Bartels
cres open house
Unable to attend Back to School Night at the high school on Tuesday, August 29? The high school office will be able to assist you starting Wednesday, August 30 between 8:30-3:30 p.m.
29 days ago, Devan Bartels
CI Ranger logo
Let's give a warm welcome to, Megan Erickson!
30 days ago, Devan Bartels
new teacher megan erickson