The 7th grader Life Science classes participated in a Predator/Prey simulation, out on the football field.
2 months ago, Devan Bartels
male student holding a wiffle ball
two male students, one being chased
students playing out on grass
female student running in a blue shirt
Mrs. Barutt's class celebrated the end of the school year with a little party. They got to play sight word BINGO, do art projects and have some snacks. Looks like a great way to celebrate!
2 months ago, Devan Bartels
male and female students sitting with masks on
adults standing behind sitting students
As you receive your diploma today remember... "Set out each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt that you were made for great things." -Josh Hinds Best wishes, to each of you, in all your future endeavors! Congratulations to the Class of 2021!
2 months ago, Devan Bartels
C-I's class of 2021 congrats
The Unified P.E class hit the paved trails for a ride with the seniors. A little celebration on their last day!
2 months ago, Devan Bartels
male and female students with helmets on
male and female students riding bikes
The graduation ceremony will be live streamed on the Crosby-Ironton School District Facebook page. The ceremony will start at 7:00 p.m. The streaming will begin at that time.
2 months ago, Devan Bartels
live stream with a graduation cap
Mr. Syrstad’s Unified P.E. class enjoyed breakfast in Ms. Anderson’s classroom to celebrate the seniors in Unified P.E!
2 months ago, Devan Bartels
male and female students having breakfast
Please take note...The last day of school is Wednesday, May 26! The High School gets out at 11:40 and CRES gets out at 12:00.
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
school dismissal times and date
Grand March for Prom has been moved to the HS Auditorium at 5:00pm. All prom attendees are allowed TWO guests at Grand March. Guests will register at the door to Grand March - there is no cost. The dance will begin at Ruttger's Bay Lake Ballroom at 7:00pm and end at 10:00pm. No formal meal will be served, but snacks and refreshments will be available for free.
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
Prom in gold and red
Thanks to a generous donation, from the Cuyuna Fire Department, we now have another Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at CRES. It will have a new home upstairs between the 4th and 5th classrooms, after construction is completed this summer. Thank you Cuyuna Fire Department!
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
female and male holding an AED and cabinet
Tuesday, May 18, is the LAST day to purchase Prom tickets!
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gold and red letters
Please remember to check the lost and found at CRES! There are still so many hats!
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
hats on a table
Karlee and Aidan show off their 3D animal sculptures. Jade and Madison hold onto their 3D face mugs. Joslyn shows us her 2-point perspective city block, while Caleb shows his 4-point perspective, city block. Keep up the great work!
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
female and male student holding animal sculptures
two females with face mugs
female student holding a 2-point drawing
male student holding a 4 point drawing
School Lunch Hero Day! Thank you for nourishing the lives and tummies of the students at C-I!
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
school lunch hero day sign at CRES
collage of food and a thank you
students with food service staff
happy lunch hero day poster
Students, in Mr. Dirk's class, were assigned environmental conditions at random and had to create animals that would have specific characteristics that enable them to survive in that environment. Check out the creativity!
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
creature in a desert setting
creature in sand near an ocean and sunset setting
a turtle like creature
a green bird creature
CRES lost and found: If you feel your child is missing anything such as a hat, gloves, sweatshirts, boots, snowpants, sure to check out the entryway, at CRES. Items will be available until Friday afternoon.
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
snowpants in a box
box of hats
box of gloves
box of hats
It's TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! Thank you, teachers, for all of your extra hard work this year and for your dedication to all of our students at Crosby-Ironton. We are grateful for all you do!
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
teacher appreciation week
happy teacher appreciate week
thank you teachers in gold
if you can read this thank a teacher with an apple and worm
The Paw Pride winner of the week is Lydia! She got to pick out Mr. Becker's bowtie!
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
male with a red shirt and bowtie and a female student
The lost and found at CRES is overflowing with HATS! If you feel you have lost or misplaced your hat, please head to the entrance at CRES to claim it. The hats will be available until Friday afternoon.
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
lost and found tag
Register for Camp Invention today! Sign up at: When: June 7-11 Time: 9:00AM-3:30PM Who: Children Entering K-6th Grade in 2021 Where: CRES Questions? Email Allison Larsen at
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
camp invention flyer
Get your CRES 20/21 Yearbooks today! Yearbooks are available for $15, cash or check only. Please make checks payable to ISD 182. Also available are the 19/20 yearbooks for only $5! CRES Yearbooks are available in the office at the elementary school.
3 months ago, Devan Bartels
yearbooks on sale with color splots