a female teacher taped to the wall

Pennies for Patients was another success at Crosby-Ironton School District. The high school raised $237 while the elementary school brought in a whopping $2,326.54! 

The classes at CRES had a "Penny War," and taking 1st Place, for bringing in the most pennies, was Mrs. Berg's, 3rd grade, class. In 2nd place was Mrs. Dombens, 4th grade class!

The high school students had an opportunity to pay a dollar and wear a hat all day and to buy duct tape to tape Ms. Felthous to the wall! 

Pennies for Patients ensures that no child has to take on cancer alone. As a science-based service-learning program, Pennies for Patients connects schools with local blood cancer patients, provides tangible life skills to participants, and allows students to see the impact they're making in the lives of others.

Thank you, to everyone who donated to such a great cause!