Seventh graders. in Mrs. Syrstad's English classes, spent the last week writing scary short stories. When the time came they went to the auditorium and shared them in the dark! --
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
3 students looking at a computer in the dark
two students looking at a computer in the dark
multiple students sitting on the floor in the dark
three students looking at a computer in the dark
Reminder: No school Wednesday due to teacher in-service and no school Thursday and Friday for MEA.
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
Students in Culinary Arts 1, showed off their baking skills and made sugar cookie cut-outs. They look good enough to eat...yummmmm!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
two female students with purple cookies
four students holding their plates of cookies
two students giving thumbs up with cookies in front of them
4 students frosting cookies
Mrs. Ulseth's class learned about the weather and made rain clouds and snow!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
4 students standing around a bucket of white stuff
students with aftt for me shirts on
three students two giving thumbs up
2 students sitting at desks
Students in Ms. Nelson's class are working through the Engineering Design Process - designing and creating bridges. Paper bridges are the prototype. Keep up the great work!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
two girls standing by a table
two boys standing at a blue counter
three strudents at a table with popsicle sticks
ECFE November Gym Nights start up Monday, November 8. No need to register...just sign in when you arrive. See flyer for more information!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
ECFE Gym nights flyer
Starting on Monday, October 18th, and lasting until at least November 5th, 4th street NE will be closed to traffic (except for school buses) from 7:30-8:30 am and 2:30-3:30 pm each school day. Parents who are dropping students off in the morning and/or picking students up after school will need to approach the school on 5th street NE. All traffic will enter and leave the CRES parking lot through the north-most entrance/exit. When entering the parking lot, please turn right, as all traffic will be one-way (counterclockwise). Please see the attached map. This is due to construction on county road 31 that will be blocking the bus loop entrance, forcing all bus traffic to enter and exit the bus loop through the main CRES parking lot. While nobody is very excited about this change, we will all need to be patient and ensure our parking lot remains a safe place for student drop off and pick up. Thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding.
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
detour map at cres
Coats for Kids will be available at the Westgate Mall this Saturday, October 16.
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
coats for kids
Caleb is shown here displaying his mannequin project while Avianna, Rachel and Jordan show off their pumpkins. Great job!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
male student holding a drawing
2 female students and 1 male student holding pumpkins
The Intro to Culinary Arts class practiced the art of rolling out dough with—play dough!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
students rolling dough
two females with pink playdough
female and male rolling out purple playdough
Last week the kindergarten classes got to spend some time at Gilby's Nursery and Orchard!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
children sitting in from of red barn
Spanish 1 students played “mano nerviosa” to practice “los números”.
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
four girls sitting on the ground playing cards
three boys sitting on the ground playin cards
2 boys and 2 girls sitting in desks playing cards
3 boys and 2 girls playing cards
Saturday evening, Neil Tesdahl, will be awarded the Assistant Coaches Award at the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame Banquet. Mr. Tesdahl has given many years to coaching and the athletes of C-I. Congratulations, Mr. Tesdahl, on a much deserved award!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
mr. tesdahl congrats
Mrs. Jensen's first graders are having fun learning about place value! #mathisfun
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
2 girls at a desk with yellow and red chips
2 girls and 2 boys sitting on the floor
2 boys sitting at desk
two boys sitting a desk with red and yellow chips
Check out some more of our talented students displaying their art! Here are creature pinch pots, pop-up art, one point perspective, and name design. Keep up the great work!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
girl and boy with pinch pots of a turtle and a shark
girl with art of a pop up art of a pig
girl with a headband on it holding art
name design art
Mrs. Mozey's class has been working on painting fall trees. Great job!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
two students holding their tree painting
student painting with a q-tip
student painting with a straw
First graders, in Mr. Bruss' class, are learning how to count and identify money.
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
female student holding fake money
two students at their desks with coins
male student at his desk with coins
two students sitting at their desks with coins
Mrs. Stangel's kindergarten class had a chance to create their very own bubble wands. Looks like they turned out great!
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
female student with pipe cleaners
male student putting beads on pipe
2 male students holding bubble wands
whole class holding up bubble wands
Ms. McDonald's 8th grade class worked on a simulation of the types government. The students were put into groups that functioned as different governments. Their task was to build a tower of straws acting as the government they were assigned to. The simulation features a democracy, anarchy, dictatorship, monarchy, and republic. --
10 months ago, Devan Bartels
students building with straws
students building with straws throughout the classroom
Mrs. Judd's 4th graders enjoyed a field trip to the Soo Line Depot Museum. What a pleasure to see our young students learning about the history of our area. Have you been been there yet?
11 months ago, Devan Bartels
student in front of the Soo Line Depot sign