Since Snodaze week just ended, we thought you might enjoy a throwback to the 1993 Snodaze Royal Court!
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#throwback thursday
snodaze court from 1993
At the 6th grade STEAM Expo, students displayed what they have been learning in Music, Physical Education, and Tech & Innovation. In Physical Education, students performed a Drums Alive routine. Drums Alive® is the original and only research-based, comprehensive, all-inclusive program in the world that applies drumming fitness protocols in a multi-disciplinary way through physical education, fitness, dance, music education, mindfulness, relaxation and inclusion strategies for the improvement of brain and body health and wellness. In Tech, students built and displayed their own ukuleles. They constructed, painted, decorated, laser engraved, and customized them. In Music, students played "Jingle Bells" with their ukuleles and displayed their knowledge of tabs and chords. Students also showcased a song that they created in a program called Soundtrap. Students had requirements on the length of their song and what elements it must include, like drums, synthesizers, and recordings of their voices or instrument playing. A special thank you goes out to Cuyuna Lakes Education Foundation and Crow Wing Power for their donations to purchase the ukulele kits for our students.
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parent and a student sitting at a table looking at a yukelele
students in a gym playing drums on a ball
students on a chromebook
student and parent looking at yukelele
studetns and parents looking at chromebooks
students playing their yukeleles
7-9th grade Knowledge Bowl competed at CLC on Friday against 21 area teams. Our teams placed 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 16th and 19th. Congratulations!
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9th grade knowledge bowl team
group of knowledge bowl students
Take a peek at out Artist's of the Week! Lilly Thompson and Aribelle Radinovich, 7th Grade Art- Name Design Riley Schroeder 10th Grade Creative Crafts- Garfield Puzzle Art Anny Godfrey 12th, Timmy Bednarczyk 12th, Max Erickson 12th, James Lewandowski 12th Painting, Group Project of "The Wave" Taya Mohs, 8th Grade Art- 1-point Room Drawing Colter Kovatovich 12th Grade, 3D- Clay Bust of Lord Shaxx
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name art
student holding garfield
group art of waves
pencil drawing by a female student
sculpture by a male student
Congratulations to our 2024 Snodaze Royalty (L-R): Evan Rydberg, Aidan Bendson, Addison Johnston, Cadence Wynn!
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2024 Snodaze royalty
To end Snodaze Dress Up-Week students and staff dressed in certain decades ranging from the 50's to today! Thank you to all staff and students who participated all throughout the week😎
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decades dressing
It was all red, white and blue at the schools today! USA!!!
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usa day
red white and blue day
Students and staff understood the assignment!
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bbq dads and soccer moms
hat day and bbq dads and soccer moms
Kindergartners are having a blast in the snow! #MNwinter #finallysnow
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collage of kids in snow
Nailed it! Students and staff really did a great job of dressing like one another!
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students dressing like staff
collage of staff and students dressing like each other
9 Grade Health class was busy practicing drug refusal through scenarios and skits!
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5 students sitting at a table, three males smiling
three male students one giving thumbs up
three students, two smiling
4 females smiling at the camera and two facing the other way
4 students at a table one giving thumbs up
6 students sitting at a table
👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ Happy Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! 🚓👏 Today, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to keeping our communities safe. 👊💙 A special shout-out to Officer Jenkins, our school resource officer, who keeps our school, including our staff and students, safe!
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thank you in white letters on a blue background
students with officer Jenkins
Looking for a more comfortable way to watch C-I sports? Well look no further...C-I Grad Blast 2024 has got you covered! Pick up your Rangers Stadium Chair for $50 at tonight's boys basketball or call Beth Hachey at 218-546-3784 to arrange pick up. #gocigo #classof2024
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Front of the bleacher seat
back of a bleacher seat with businesses
In Technology and Innovation class, 1st graders read the book called "If I Built a Car...," then used their creativity to build their own cars. They had many wild and fun features built into their vehicles!
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female student taping carboard to a car
female student putting an umbrella on her car
male studnent kneeling next to a car he built
male student bilding a car with tape
female student standing next to a tall car
female student building a car with styrofoam
male student holding a car with cups on it
It was color wars for the first day of Snodaze dress-up week! The 1st and 2nd graders enjoyed recess with the fresh coating of snow! Winter has arrived❄️
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three girls dressed in pink
a female dressed in yellow
group of students all in white
two students in pink shirts
students sitting in the snow
students standing in the snow
boys kneeling around a snow pile
student standing next to playground equipment
students sitting next to playground equipment
Looks like we have some up and coming artists! Here are a few 5th graders showcasing their canvas art. Great job!
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three students holding canvas art
❄Congratulations to our 2024 SnoDaze Candidates!❄ Senior King and Queen Candidates: Front Row (L-R)- Eva Jarvela, Emma Berg, Addison Johnston, Margaret Silgen, Caitlyn Armbrust; Back Row (L-R)- Samuel Coughlin, Aiden Bendson, Enoch Anderson, Joseph Ringhand (not pictured- James Lewandowski) Junior Prince and Princess Candidates: Front Row (L-R)- Emily Yeager, Londyn Eastwood, Railyn Daratis, Cadence Wynn, Mackenzie Bill; Back Row (L-R)- Oliver Toftness, Martin Strom, Jairus Millsop, Spencer Hollenhorst, Evan Rydberg
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senior snodaze candidates 2024
junior snodaze candidates 2024
Take a peek at out Artist's of the Week! Haley Reinhart 12th grade, Creative Crafts- "Paper Tiger" Logan Andrews(11), Grey Colwell (9), Taylor Smith (11), Taytum Tisdell (11), Painting- Group Painting of Van Gogh's Sunflowers Gavin Hoyt- "Cats Playing Poker" Great job!
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paper tiger drawing
group of 4 holding a painting
a male student holding a painting of cats playing poker
✨ Celebrating School Board Appreciation Month! 🌟 Thank you to our dedicated school board members for their tireless efforts in shaping the future of education. Your commitment to students, teachers, and the community is truly commendable. #SchoolBoardAppreciation #EducationMatters #Gratitude
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school board members
Monday, January 8 starts our Snodaze Dress-up Week for both CRES and high school students and staff!
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CRES dress up days
high school dress up days