Mrs. Larson's eighth graders just completed their creative disaster story unit where they had to write fictitious stories trying to survive some sort of disaster (stranded, zombies, aliens, plague, technology gone awry etc.).
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writers wall
students with drawings
students with computers at their desks
two students with their story covers
SAVE THE DATE!! Prom 2021 will be held Thursday, May 20th. Grand March will be in the Gally Gym at 5:00pm, and the dance will run 7-10:00pm at Ruttgers Resort Ballroom. Students will be responsible for eating on their own between Grand March and the dance. Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of April; $20 per person. Reach out to Mrs. Syrstad with any questions.
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save the date for prom
CRES Teacher Request Forms, grades K-3, are available in the CRES office. Forms are due no later than 3:00 pm, April 1st. There are no exceptions.
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CRES staff rocked some wacky, mismatched socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, which is celebrated every March 21. We hope you are celebrating with us!
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male and female staff wearing mismatched socks
Reminder: Tune into the Crosby-Ironton Music Facebook page to watch the live stream of the band and choir concerts, starting at 1:00 today!
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February was Children's Dental Health Month and the kindergartens participated in a Coloring Contest after learning about how to keep their teeth healthy. Winners from each class got a goodie bag from the Delta Dental of Minnesota program including a water bottle, toothbrush, toothpaste and a tooth timer. All students got a new toothbrush!
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students holding coloring page
students holding green bags
nurse Hanna with students
Reminder: Tomorrow, March 19, is 'Rock Your Socks,' to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!
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Rock your socks
Mrs. Judd's class made Leprechaun traps, yesterday, in hopes of catching him! Were they lucky enough to trap him?
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female with a mask near her desk
male student near his desk wearing green
3 male students wearing masks near a trap
This week, in 7th grade science, students are dissecting frogs and learning about their organs! #sciencerules
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female student with a frog
2 male students with a frog
female student cutting a frog
Knowing culinary techniques can help you bring out the flavor of foods without needing to add a lot of extra ingredients or calories! Learn the basics of common cooking techniques to navigate recipes and get healthy meals on the table: #NationalNutritionMonth
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national nutrition month culinary
EXCITEMENT! There will be a CIHS Music Department concert extravaganza on Sunday, March 21st. 1:00pm Band Concert 3:00pm Choir Concert 5:00pm Choir Concert Due to the 250 spectator limit, we will be admitting 3 family members per student. These performances will also be live-streamed via the Crosby-Ironton Music Facebook page for those that are unable to attend. To ensure you are able to view the concerts, be sure to "Like" Crosby-Ironton Music on Facebook.
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All 7th-12th grade students in Advisory are receiving a bag of information and goodies from organization in Aitkin whose mission is to end violence and provide safety through direct services, education and advocacy to all people experiencing domestic violence. They provided each student with a pamphlet on dating violence/healthy relationships, a business card for a teen support group, a pin, a lens cleaner, a mask, some Purell, and some candy. Thank you, HOPE, for all you do for our community and caring about our students.
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brochure from HOPE
miscellaneous items from HOPE
bagged up items from HOPE with teacher's names
Sunday, March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. Here, at C-I Schools, we are going to 'Rock Our Socks' on Friday, March 19 to celebrate! Wear your wildest, unmatched socks and celebrate with all of us.
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Rock your socks
Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead before you head to bed!
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spring forward with a click
Check out what these talented students have created in art class! Nice work!
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male and female student holding comic art
female and male student holding drawings of hands
Good luck to the C-I Rangerettes at State!
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students and staff holding signs
Mr. Swanhorst's class has been working on an obituary assignment. The Obituary activity is a small group project as a follow up to our substance unit Health class. The students select a drug with the main objective of researching it thoroughly to capture a deeper understanding of the substance. The groups are required to present their research, construct a poster about the drug, and to create a fictitious Obituary of a person dying due to the drug use. The process allows the students to work with others to accomplish required tasks and to experience public speaking. The challenge on the poster is to develop it so it is eye-catching and informative because they are posted on the wall outside the classroom for the student body and faculty to learn from their hard work.
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students presenting
students presenting on screen
female and male students with a poster
three male students presenting
Thank you to the many sponsors, Ranger Ride and The CRES Physical Education Program were able to purchase a bike fleet and helmets! These will be available for Phy. Ed classes at CRES and for anyone who needs a mountain bike during Ranger Rides! Sign-up for Ranger Ride will start in April.
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Trailer with Ranger Ride printed and two staff
mountain bikes hanging up inside trailer
list of businesses with a green tree background
Due to the weather, C-I Schools will have an E-Learning day, Thursday, March 11.
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This year’s National Nutrition Month theme is Personalize Your Plate. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health. We are all unique with different bodies, goals, backgrounds and tastes! And a registered dietitian nutritionist can tailor a healthful eating plan that is as special as you are. Learn more about #NationalNutritionMonth:
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national nutrition month